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Fusion crashes during CAM simulation

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Fusion crashes during CAM simulation

Since the last update, Fusion has been crashing about half the times I try to simulate a setup in the CAM workspace.  It seems like the simulation gets "stuck" halfway through loading and then it crashes the program.  It is not just limited to one project/file.  I have tried working on multiple different projects this morning, and they all have the same issue.  


Is there a patch incoming for this issue soon?  It makes the software nearly unusable for me.  I've only been at work 2 hours this morning and Fusion has already crashed on me 5 or 6 times.

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Yeah ever since the last update simulations have been terribly slow. It's not crashing my computer, but I'm 40 minutes into a simulation that used to take five or ten tops. Honestly pretty frustrating that "updates" get pushed out that wreck functionality. I suspect something with stock calculation is broken because I'm seeing a lot of issues with rest machining as well.

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in reply to: Jimmy

I have also noticed stock simulation issues.  I have been getting a lot of "stock simulation failed" errors when I try to simulate that force me to close and reopen the simulation.

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