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Fusion 360 / Tormach 1100MX Rigid Tapping Post Issue - Multiple Instances or Work Offsets

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Fusion 360 / Tormach 1100MX Rigid Tapping Post Issue - Multiple Instances or Work Offsets

I'm having an issue where I cannot get any programs that contain rigid tapping cycles to post properly when patterned or posted to multiple WCS offsets/instances.


I'm running these programs on a Tormach 1100MX w/ PathPilot control, I have never had an issue running a program with rigid tapping cycles within a single work offset or instance, only when patterned within fusion or posted to multiple offsets.


The error I'm seeing on the console is as follows;


"G-Code error: K word with no G2, G3, G33, G33.1, G76, or G87 to use it in Programs/..."


On the problematic G-Code lines, it's just missing the G33.1 prefix but the rest of the Z and K values are there.


Hoping to find a solution to this as it would make palletized fixtures a whole lot easier as my workaround in the past was to either run a separate program for just tapping or each part has its own model and CAM operations posted within a single program.



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There appears to be a Bug in the post processor which is Causing the Cycle not to be output with patterns or WCS changes.


I'm not sure exactly where this is coming from in the post however. It appears to only be a problem with Rigid tapping

Normal G84 Functions correctly

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in reply to: Weakea

Hi @Weakea,


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. This has been reported as a bug. 

In the meantime, you can manually edit the post to achieve the desired output. Here's how you can do it:


  1. Open the post file.
  2. Locate line no. 1380 and 1381.
  3. Add '//' as a prefix at the beginning of both lines. This will comment out these lines and they will not be executed.
  4. Add gMotionModal.reset(); and gCycleModal.reset() before if (!isFirstCyclePoint());



Output should look like the screenshot below:





Aju Augustine
Technology Consultant

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