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Fusion 360 Post library missing

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Fusion 360 Post library missing

Hi there,


I recently bought a Mekanika Evo-M to help me with guitar production. For a while now, I'm trying to select the right post processor to be able to write the correct codes for my machine.


Unfortunately I can't seem to open the post cloud library from my laptop (hobby account). I enabled cloud libraries in my preferences. I'm using a free trial account on my desktop at work where I can open the library and find the correct processor. All preference settings are the same.





I know there are several posts about this subject already but I couldn't seem to find the solution yet. To me it seems like i'm just missing a setting somewhere.


Kind regards,


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Hi @Smeigel_12000 


in Fusion preferences dialog check the following two settings.

The first one is for enabling access to your cloud assets.



And the second one is related to the online library access:



That one is normally checked by default nowadays.




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Technical Consultant
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Hi Serge, Thank you for your suggestions. Those boxes already are checked. Actually if I deselect the suggested box in the preview features, some machines appear in the post library but not the Mekanika. If checked, the library is gone again.

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Is there any filters active?



Technical Consultant
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No, all filters are turned off. Can it be my hobby license doesn't support libraries or something?

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I copied the post from my desktop onto my fusion 360 Cache folder and I can now select the Mekanika post. Still I find it strange I have no post library available in the cloud.


C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local\Autodesk\Autodesk Fusion 360\CAM\cache\posts

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