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Fusion 360 Polar Coordinates Machine Configuration for Additive Manufacturing?

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Fusion 360 Polar Coordinates Machine Configuration for Additive Manufacturing?

Hi all,
As the title suggests, I'm trying to build a polar coordinate machine using Fusion 360 with Grbl post processor. That said, it doesn't seem that there are support for that.

When I chose milling as the type of manufacturing, I keep getting:  "The number of axes in the kinematic settings is not supported by post processing. To post process toolpaths, define 3 to 5 axes.
Currently too few axes are defined."  I already have 3 axes though!


I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or Fusion doesn't like have a rotary in a 3 axis setup? Could it be because I have a personal use license? 

I was able to configure the motion of all three axes:

Basel_kalalib_1-1680922415583.png Basel_kalalib_2-1680922430989.png
Here's the kinematics: 



 Rotary axes are not allowed in additive operations?

Your feedback is highly appreciated.




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Hi @Basel_kalalib 

Currently in fusion if you want to create a valid machine configuration it is expecting at least 3 linear axis. 

At the moment for polar configuration it has to be set it on the post processor. You have to create a rotary axis on the post and you can disable the Y axis or X axis in the post to get the expected nc output. It is already done on the Haas next generation post 

you can look into the post where the logic starts by // Start of polar interpolation


Also current machine simulation is not supported for polar machining 

Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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