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fusion 360 or inventor cam?

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fusion 360 or inventor cam?

hi  group


does anyone know if fusion 360 cam with manufactuing extesion is the same as inventor cam?

or is there a benifit in using inventor cam over fusion 360?



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There are more toolpath options and control in Fusion. Inventor CAM gives you the benefit of having a non-cloud connected experience, if that's something your organization requires (ITAR, for example)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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watching youtube videos of the "product owners" of Inventor Cam and Fusion 360, They say that they are exactly the same in functionality and continue to have that product strategy.  I have been using Inventor Cam, and need the drawing/engineering drawing capability that Fusion does not really provide, along with keeping all files on my server on site.

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The article you saw has to be somewhat old (maybe 2-3 years old).  We use Inventor CAM primarily, but is has fallen back considerably compared to Fusion, in the CAM aspect.  It is still far superior in CAD (depending on your needs, but assemblies is much stronger in Inventor), but the CAM is stagnant for 2-3 years now, it is not being developed at all anymore.  So anything new in the CAM that goes to Fusion is something that Inventor CAM will never have, and this is going on for 2-3 years.  Inventor CAM still does the job ok for most of our jobs, and is VERY stable compared to Fusion, because of not being developed hehehe.  I find it considerably faster than Fusion also, on complex jobs with hundreds of toolpaths.

But if you want the newest CAM toolpaths and functionality, Fusion is the way to go.

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I hope Autodesk fix this sooner than later! A lot of companies rather have their files locally stored, especially those who work with ITAR/EAR and I really think the CAD is way more advanced and stable in Inventor than in Fusion360. 

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