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Fusion 360 not creating slot toolpaths

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Fusion 360 not creating slot toolpaths

Good evening and hello to all,

 I am trying to have Fusion create simple slot toolpaths of the letter "F" for a 2mm wide slot, using a 2mm end mill. I have tried the Slot toolpath and I get "Error: Invalid contour(s)" followed by "Warning: No passes to link.". I have also tried 2D contour with ramp and 2D pocket as well, only getting partial toolpaths. The speeds and feeds are generic right now as I will change them to suite the material at the time of manufacture. Any help is greatly appreciated.  I am still green when it comes to Fusion, having used Mastercam for some time. Thank you for your time!



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Fusion doesn`t currently allow a tool the same size into a "Slot", accepted "workaround" as far as I am aware is to use the "Trace" toolpath, see image below and attached file.

Slot Failure-NEW.jpg

Alternatively you can use a smaller cutter and do Pocket or Contour 🙂

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Thank you for your time and help. I was unaware that Fusion would not mill a slot with a tool the same size as the slot. I made the tool cutting diameter .01MM smaller and was able to get it to work with a 2D pocket tool path like you suggested!

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