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Fusion 360 CAM gcode creates a tooling mark.

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Fusion 360 CAM gcode creates a tooling mark.

I was hoping the gcode would be a smooth curve in this operation.  I don't know how to solve it.  This is Nylon 6.


Here's a code snipit - the mark is created because the Z axis is only changing in one location.

X47.669 Y-9.417
X47.41 Y-9.369
X46.542 Y-9.23
X46.26 Y-9.191
X45.414 Y-9.082
X45.132 Y-9.055
X44.569 Y-9.001
X44.287 Y-8.977
X43.253 Y-8.91

------------------------------I think the mark starts here
X43.211 Y-8.909 Z79.498
X43.19 Y-8.908
X43.169 Z79.497
X43.147 Y-8.907 Z79.496
X43.126 Y-8.906 Z79.495
X43.105 Z79.493
X43.084 Y-8.905 Z79.492
X43.066 Y-8.903 Z79.493
X43.047 Y-8.901
X43.028 Y-8.899
X43.009 Y-8.897
X42.991 Y-8.895
X42.972 Y-8.893
X42.953 Y-8.891
X42.934 Y-8.889
X42.919 Y-8.888 Z79.492
X42.904 Y-8.886
X42.89 Y-8.885
X42.875 Y-8.884 Z79.491
X42.86 Y-8.882
X42.846 Y-8.881 Z79.49
X42.831 Y-8.88 Z79.489
X42.817 Y-8.878
X42.802 Y-8.877 Z79.488
X42.787 Y-8.876 Z79.487
X42.773 Y-8.874
X42.758 Y-8.873 Z79.486
X42.743 Y-8.872 Z79.485
X42.729 Y-8.87 Z79.484
X42.714 Y-8.869 Z79.483
X42.7 Y-8.868 Z79.482
X42.685 Y-8.867
X42.652 Z79.476
X42.619 Z79.47
X42.586 Y-8.868 Z79.464
X42.554 Z79.458
X42.5 Y-8.869 Z79.447
X42.447 Y-8.87 Z79.437
X42.394 Y-8.873 Z79.423
X42.342 Y-8.876 Z79.408
X42.327 Y-8.877 Z79.404
X42.313 Y-8.878 Z79.4

----------------------------------and ends here
X40.247 Y-9.011
X39.213 Y-9.077
X39.075 Y-9.088
X38.368 Y-9.156
X38.086 Y-9.183
X37.24 Y-9.291
X36.958 Y-9.331
X36.113 Y-9.467
X35.831 Y-9.519
X35.148 Y-9.651
X34.985 Y-9.684

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The reason your seeing the mark is because fusion is linking over the slot in your model, when you put the slot in later you wont even see the mark.


But if you want a nice smooth conical finish then you can do this:

Duplicate the model body, turn off the original body visibility and then delete the slot from the duplicate:



Now in your 3d contour toolpath you select the boundary chains on the duplicate model and turn on the model selection checkbox, then pick the duplicate model:

Screenshot 2023-08-02 142136.png


Now you get a nice continuous(ish) 3d contour toolpath


We can make it better though, if you turn on points you can see the toolpath is made up of many short line segments:



To improve this go to passes and turn on smoothing:



Now you get a much cleaner toolpath.



See attached file

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It's late tonight - I'll try that out tomorrow, but THIS IS AWESOME! You have explained the issue and shown a solution.

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