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Full retract height

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Full retract height

Is there a way to set your rectract and feed height to full?? I'm not worried about cycle time, as I'm more worried about running the tool into a hold down. Thanks in advance. FullRetract.PNG

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When you say "Full" do you mean the machines maximum height?


It looks like your retract height is well above the clamps anyway

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Yep, the machines maximum would be great... just for piece of mind programming. Also the simulation does not show the dust collection shroud that the CNC has so it would be easier to just go max. I've got about 70 different profiles for these simple parts, different lengths and holes in different areas. Of course the material I was given is twisted, warped cupped and potato chipped in about 4 different ways. I would love to just use the vacuum table instead. 

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I don't believe there is an easy way to force it to do a full retract, someone else may chime in with an answer though


You could probably modify the post processor to do it but that's a little beyond my skill level.


You will just have to give a large retract height for each toolpath.

A quick way of doing that is to select the toolpaths, right click and select compare and edit.

then you can bulk change the retract height value.


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