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from powermill to fusion

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from powermill to fusion

hi, so im currently using powermill in my company

im running some tests in fusion but for now i would like to import some things such as:
- import toolbase from powermill to fusion( how can i do it?)
- using the pos processor from powermill to fusion, for example HEideain is missing some "M" funcionts, our maching needs "M114" to activate axis compensation, "M10" to clamp axis

where can i edit pos processor? can i run the same pos processor i use in powermill?

- machine, i have MTD files, to import machine to fusion should i have mtd files in other extension? like stl?

  • thanks in advance
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in reply to: Bnuno608

I don't think you can import anything from PowerMill to Fusion 360.


There are Fusion tool libraries available on the Autodesk Websites
And post processor as well


Post processor can be modified in Visual Studio Code, but I recommend having someone experienced make the modifications. I offer post processor modifications as a service and can make the post processor to generate the same NC code as the PowerMill.
Send me a message if you would like to get a help.

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