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Flow Waterjet ORD post processor issue

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Flow Waterjet ORD post processor issue

Hi! The manufacturing shop I work at is having issues with the Flow Waterjet post processor available in Autodesk's post processor library. It seems that some of the arcs are not getting properly translated by the post. We've used this post processor and it has worked properly before, so it could be an issue somewhere on our end, but we just wanted to see if anyone had any insight into the issue. Let me know if I can provide any more information! I've included some screenshots below for reference.


CAMCAMCut lines on waterjet. Some segments are missing.Cut lines on waterjet. Some segments are missing.

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It's been 331 days since that post processor has seen an update. Have you changed anything in your process?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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We previously used a slightly modified version of the post, but when we attempted to diagnose the error, we switched back to the stock version of the post processor available in the Autodesk library, and still had the same issue. It's odd to me that the post processor would just suddenly stop working, so I wonder if the origin could be elsewhere. Do you know what other changes in our process may have caused this issue? I don't believe we've changed anything else.

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