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Flow toolpath does not move smoothly on offset cam

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Flow toolpath does not move smoothly on offset cam

I've been working on programming an offset cam made on a 4th axis and am running into some issues.  In Fusion simulation and on machine, the flow toolpath I’m using to machine a cam surface is very jittery and rotates the A axis forwards and backwards for no reason.


I've attached a f3d file with the current toolpath, some of the G code posted using the "Haas pre NGC A Axis" post, and a video showing what a dry run looks like on machine.  I'm actually running a Centroid controlled machine, but the Fusion post doesn't include 4th axis capabilities.  The HAAS post has worked without issues for me.







I'm still diagnosing some minor stuttering issues when trying to run operations like rotary spiral, but this issues seems to me like it's Fusion related judging by the G code being output.


I understand cutting using the bottom of a flat end mill like this program is going is not the best strategy, but it is required to leave sharp edges on this part.


Any help is appreciated!

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yea Flow is pretty bad for generating Jittery toolpaths, not that its a bad toolpath its just used alot where it wasnt intended.(its designed for machining freeform type models, like what would be made by the Form creation tool in Fusion)


anyway, you can do this with 2d contour and Wrap, See attached file with the Duplicate setup.

one thing I learned a while back is that the Wrap cylinder doesn't have to be coaxial with the rotary axis, it just has to be parallel.



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That is so much better or a solution that using flow, thank you!  I’m just getting started with 4 axis CAM and had no idea the 2D contour wrap would work like that.


Solved for the purposes that I need.

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