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Flat Path not generating?

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Flat Path not generating?

I have an exiting setup I've ran many times. All of a sudden when I generate it. The flat tool paths won't generate. Says there is an error generating the boundary. Nothing has changed with the model. I suspect there has been an update in the last few months that has corrupted them?


The only solution I can find is replacing the flat toolpaths with horizontal tool paths.


I get the error below when I try to regenerate the tool paths. Could it be related? 




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Hi @sgreen2WDGB I am not aware of any regressions that have gone back that might have caused an issue.


I can open a ticket to have a look. Would it be possible to  send me a project via DM as this might help us narrow down what is happening?


I dont think it would be related to the warnings you are getting with flow. It could be related to changes in preview feature flags made recently - I will ask around. I don't think it is related to the issue with flats.


Sorry to hear you have been having issues, hopefully they can be resolved soon,


Robert Goss

Robert Goss

Software Engineer
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With regard to the flow toolpaths not generating I have been told there should just be an option in preferences to enable "Flow (Old)" and there is a ticket to make the issue clearer in this case.

Robert Goss

Software Engineer
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I wasn't sure how to send the file in a PM so I went ahead and attached it here. There is nothing proprietary about it.


Thanks for your help.



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Thank you for sending that. I have had a look and created a ticket CAM-49212 to track this for us in development.


The problem is with us. When we are exporting the model to a different format to calculate the flat toolpath we get an inconsistency the calculation doesn't know what to do and indicated there is a bad surface - unfortunately it then has to abandon the calculation. Some changes have been made to the export process and the internal model format recently that might be the cause and we will investigate.


As a work around to your issue I have found making the tolerance finer (0.0001 in) for the flat seems to resolve the inconsistency and all the toolpaths then calculate.

Robert Goss

Software Engineer
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in reply to: sgreen2WDGB

Thanks Robert! I really appreciate the help.

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