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Finish question

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Finish question

Hi all,

I clear a part with pocket clear leaving .02 material, actual depth is .68 in. I work in wood. I then go to 1/2 in ball end mill and cut a parallel at same depth setting getting good results. I am trying to get ridges out of part and read in fusion suggestions that scallop follows parallel. cut looks like this:

pocket clear at .7 with .02 remain.

parallel at same depth .7

scallop at same depth.  .7


I run scallop at same depth again and cut is very light if at all. I am thinking of setting depth like this.

Pocket clear is .68 with .02 stock remaining.

parallel is same depth

scallop run at .7

would changing fusion recommended .02 stock remain to say .05 or .1 finish better?


any suggestions? I run flat curves and steep curves on steep I use 3d contour and then scallop. thank u.

I will design a part and add soonest. JR


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in reply to: conjured2018

One factor you've not shared with us is what tooling you're using. For surfacing (3D finishing toolpaths) you will get best results with a ball mill (rounded or vertical areas) or a bull-nose endmill for the shallower areas and flats.

All roughing should be done with Stock to Leave, both radial and horizontal. The amount can vary, depending on material. In wood, .02 to .05 should be sufficient, but this also depends on the rigidity of the machine. Weak noodle machine that flexes a ton? You may find that roughing toolpath gouge into the finish surface, so I would advise leaving additional material.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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"I am trying to get ridges out" leads me to think your spindle needs to be trammed or there is a lot of deflection with a flat end mill


or your stepover is too wide. Use 5-8%

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in reply to: seth.madore

please look at attached model. I did a morph spiral to take a look. this op looks great but lots of time.   why can i not avoid the top surface in all finish apps? It is a defined sketch yet avoid does not take. JR

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You can avoid surfaces here.

And you might wanna check the tool containment to go all the way around


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Thank you, tool containment is set to outside for pocket as Seth told me. and center for finish. I have had finish collisions which I dont like when set to outside.

I want to eliminate the odd up and downs parallel does as shown in your image. JR

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Scallop it at max rpm, max feed, with a .02" or so stepover, depending on if your sanding it after the fact. Enable contact boundary to actually surface the entire part. 

using avoid on the FACE of the part works for me! 




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I ran scallop faster than  have ran before and the result is terrific. thank you fellas for helping me.


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