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Finding proper thread for existing componant

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Finding proper thread for existing componant

I have an oxygen sensor that had a threaded locking ring to hold it in place.  I am trying to 3d print a replacement locking ring, but am stuck in a trial and error print cycle trying to find the right measurements.


Im sure there is a better way or a chart I can reference to find what im looking for.

The O2 sensor has a threaded diameter of 15.5mm.
I have a pitch gauge that reads SAE 27.

The locking ring has an inner threaded diameter of 15mm and a wall thickness of 3.5mm

I read that most O2 sensors are an M18x1 thread measurement, but this was too big.  So I tried the M15x1 thinking this correlated with the locking ring diameter, but this was too small.
I am printing a M16x1 and M17x1 threaded nut now and I am sure one of them will just trying to figure out what would have been a better way to get the correct measurements from the beginning for future projects?

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Major & minor diameters on a thread chart would be a good place to start, or buy a thread checker.
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Just in case anyone is looks like the correct answer was M16x1

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Caliper or pin gages to check the minor and a thread pitch gage

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I used a caliper to get the inner and outer dimensions of the nut with my caliper and got the measurements listed in my original post.  Then used the thread pitch gauge and got measurements of 27 off that.

I dont know where I went wrong or how I was suppose to associate the measurements I listed above to the final print out of M16x1.
I know the M16 is 16mm thread diameter and the x1 is 1mm thread pitch, but is there a chart or something I could have referenced that show this correlation between the measurements I took vs what seems to have worked?
Should my SAE 27 pitch guage be referenced as a 1mm thread pitch on a chart som
Did I take the wrong measurements somewhere along the line?  

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Yes, a Major / Minor thread chart relating to either Internal or External whichever you need


Example here




Best resource, Machinery Handbook page 1783 here( starts on the Metric thread section


Also most likely your SAE 27 was juuuuuust close enough to the conversion of inch to metric to appear correct, but really a 1mm pitch would be 25.4 per inch not 27

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