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Fanuc.cps post

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Fanuc.cps post

Get a ps 21 alarm. Think something is messing up with the GO2/G03?

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Hi @alessandro_shane 


Is this a milling or turning machine?

PS 021 is effectively related to arc interpolation.

But the cause of the error can be multiple.


21 ILLEGAL PLANE AXIS COMMANDED An axis not included in the selected plane (by using G17, G18, G19) was commanded in circular interpolation. Modify the program.




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Its milling I turned off the 3d arcs and now it doesn't give me that weird code of G3.4 But it still stops with a ps 21 alarm in the same area. on the line the G3.4 would be  

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Can you share a dozen of lines of gcode around the error and post them here. It will allow me to see the code, eventually send it into a plotting software tocheck the shape ?

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Think I replied wrong.

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It messes up on line N403 N404

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Hi @alessandro_shane 


Is it still the same error message? PS-021?


What is the exact model of the controller? i.e. 21iM model A for example.


Because it can be the helix move on line 404.

Or it can be something different.


N403 X0.1961 Y0.062 Z-0.4088
N404 G02 X0.2225 Y0.1338 Z-0.401 I0.4434 J-0.1223



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