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Failure to create toolpaths from Nested Manufacturing models

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Failure to create toolpaths from Nested Manufacturing models



I've spent all day today, getting frustrated at the Nesting extension. I've got a few things I could really use some help with. I have several issues generating a nest for a pretty decent size file, up to 500 components are being nested.


1) When I generated my current nesting study; all 40 sheets appeared all at once and on top of each other. I've had to manually go and hide each sheet, and unhide it in order to view it. Is this a bug? This didn't happen to me on earlier attempts to generate any nests - it would hide or unhide the sheet as you selected the "Activate" button next to the name. 


2) When I select "Create Setup from Manufacturing Model", I am unable to select any of the components on any sheets for any sort of tool pathing purposes. They simply don't exist in the "Set up - Select Body" function. Following this I am unable to select any edges or faces for any tool pathing. Hole detection seems to work just fine.


If anyone could help me with this it would save me a huge headache.


Lastly I have a usability suggestion


It would be very helpful if you could preset nesting parameters in models outside of the manufacturing workspace. It would be very intuitive if I could assign grain direction rules to my base parametric models before nesting them. The work flow would look something like this - 

1) Design parametric base model; assign nesting rules to individual parts at the design level.

2) Create new design by modifying base mesh and adding modified components to a new file to create an assembly.

3) Upon approval of designs, meshes are already assigned nesting rules prior to nest study creation, which will allow much faster study generations as the work is already done during the design phase with much smaller files and parts counts, which could stand to decrease computation time. As it stands right now, there's no way to assign rotation increments to a design unless you plan to nest it within the same file which is extremely difficult in large assemblies. 


Thank you,



It seems that in my frustration; I simply failed to recreate a nest study which solved both of my problems which were apparently some sort of bug; whether caused by me or not.


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in reply to: TylerJ804

@TylerJ804 ,

Sorry to hear that you had a less-than-stellar experience with the Nesting Extension.


  1. This sounds like a bug. You are correct, it is supposed to display one at a time depending on which sheet node is active (radio button). Can you please make sure 'Sync view with active setup' and 'Sync visibility with active setup' are disabled?
  2. If you leave the 'Model' selection blank, it should display a message saying all objects in the manufacturing model (all nested parts on that sheet) will be selected. Based on your description, I'm assuming you're not getting the same result. Can you please attach your model and/or share a screen recording?

Thanks for the usability improvement suggestion. I completely agree that being able to set nesting parameters early on is definitely much more pragmatic than adjusting them after a nest study has already been created. There is a way to set nesting parameters in two places (prior to creating nests) - i) Process Material Library ii) Component Sources Dialog. If Material Presets are created and re-used with each new document, and the components are left  "bound" (Bind chekbox) to Material, it should eliminate tedious work. This mitigates the problem to quite an extent.


We could certainly consider exposing some of these at the Design > Tools > Nest Preparation Level as well so that they can be defined once individually at the part level and can simply be reused each time the model is nested in other documents. Hope that helps.


Ravi J

Ravi Javia
Product Manager

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Thanks for responding so quickly! 

A few things to respond with - 

1) upon creating a new nesting study, the sheet selection and tool path creation functioned as expected, however after making a few rotation adjustments and regenerating, it went back to the stacked effect. 

2) I will check those settings ASAP


3) I do get that message however it doesn’t lead to being able to select objects for tool pathing. It would seem that because Fusion isn’t displaying whichever sheet I am creating a set up for, there are no solids to automatically select. It’s very odd behavior on the programs’ part. 


4) I prefer not to attach my model publicly and would prefer to send it directly - how would I go about doing that? 

5) Interestingly enough, I actually did exactly what you described on individual components in their non-linked files. This did NOT work for me. I must have done something wrong as I had to redo it at the nest level.



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