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Failed to export surface for operation

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Failed to export surface for operation



If I try to use a 'steep & shallow' strategy on Fusion I get this error: 

Error: Failed to export surface for operation 'Steep and Shallow9' to 'C:\Users\ferracin\AppData\Local\Temp\Fusion360CAM\1\operation14.xbsrf'.


It appears with any face. I tried to create a new setup. But then issue still appears. 


How can I avoid it? 

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Hi @p.ferracin,


I suspect your issues are arising due to issues with the model. I thought the surfaces were creating the problem however even after deleting all of these and just leaving the solid I don't get over the error message, there was also strange behavior when using simple 2 toolpaths and I can see more weirdness when I use section analysis (see attached). I cant be certain that the model is creating the problem but it certainly looks that way.

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in reply to: p.ferracin

It would help if you post a model that you have done the setup and tool paths on.

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in reply to: p.ferracin

Old post but had the same error and figured I would rather share my solution here in case anyone else should search for solutions to the error, than starting a new post:

In my case, the body wasn't closed properly (it was originally a mesh converted to a solid), so converting the body to a mesh and then repair the non-closed mesh before finally converting it to a solid again did the trick.

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