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Fadal Format 1 Post Processor

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Fadal Format 1 Post Processor

I could never get *perfect* code out of the stock Fadal post processors.  I went to work on the latest release,  43725.  I now have ZERO manual edits,  output goes straight to the machine and just runs.   Use as you wish, no guarantees of fitness for you or your machine. 

1.  While the option is still there for Format 2,  NOTHING was tested in that mode!  My mods were only tested in Format 1.

2.  G8 is basically automatic as required,  if you enable it in post dialog as shown.

3.  The default post would run the table all over and park at x0y0.  You can now define a Load / Unload position in the post at line 1905.   Once again there is an option for this in the post dialog as shown.

4.  With the Load/Unload option,  I discovered a 3 to 5 second delay to restart the program with two presses of the start button.  The Loop Program option uses a GOTO and eliminates this.  Again there is an option for this in the post dialog as shown.

5.  Also fixed an issue with movement between fixtures being G1 and not G0.

Every line I edited has the comment "Myron" so you can see all my modifications.




Fadal Post.png

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in reply to: moakley

Thanks for sharing this, I'll pass this along to the Post team!

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: moakley

@moakley , out of curiosity why use format 1 at all if using CAM for programming? Its been a while but from what I recall the pros of using format 1 was only if you were gonna manually code.

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in reply to: Garrett_Wade

A bit of Fadal history is needed here.  About the time the Fadal controller was being programmed,  Fanuc came out with the 7 series,  the next series after the 6 of course.  As Fanuc was the leaders in cnc,  they simply copied that format.  Unfortunately the "7" did not stick and later Fanuc control formats became extensions of and to the 6 series format. Too many people with too much experience with the 6.  

I bought my Fadal in 1995, brand new.  I never explored the Format 2 mode, though I had tons of Fanuc experience.  Fast forward and I have 10's of thousands of line of Fadal Format 1 code, most of it macro programmed.   I have one program that machines over 100 different models of dies. 

Thus I stuck with Format 1. 

I love Fusion for short run, s/n#1 models and now I get the Fadal code,  they way I want it.

I have quite a bit of coding experience in c, c++, and js.   The next post project will be for my Battleship Galatia,  my Makino U3 wire EDM.  This too has a ton of manually macro programmed jobs.  I just need to start feeding it Fusion output for the short run jobs. 

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in reply to: moakley

@Anonymous, Thank you for this edited post. What would be involved with adding a subprogram function? 

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in reply to: GeneDKWKR

Coming from the specialty automation field,  anything is possible.  "Given enough time and money,  you can put a man on the moon".


I have a ton of Fadal type 1 programs most all of them with sub routing calls.   In my case I found Fusion can just take care of all that.  The code is fatter but so far, not an issue.   My next project is a post for my DMC lathe with a Fanuc OiT.  I have a bunch of macro programs I developed for bar feed and OD/ID grooving.  I *might* be temped to make a new Fadal Type 2 post, after I see how it work in the DMC post. 


We'll see how it goes.


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in reply to: moakley

Hello Moakley,

   I came across your post just in the right time because I original used FADAL post from the Fusion 360 library, which needs ALOT of work. Your post is working very well for me. I did noticed that on the G41 line it's posting a H1 instead of a D1. My question to you is do you have a version that fixes that or know how to fix this? I will include a image below. 

Screenshot fadal 43725MY.png


Thank you,

Scott Chordas

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in reply to: alllaserdesign

My mods are specifically for Format 1....


Your N50 line actually does H1D1.  The H1 in N65 is actually redundant and not even needed.  You are already modal for H1D1.


Would you ever have a duplicate tool,  with the same tool length offset,  with different cutter diameters?


I looked at the post quick and it shows.....


This means in format 1,  just use the H word whenever you want to output a D word.  This is why we have double H words in the code.

I switched the post over to format 2,  which should have output a D word.... and it did not....

So another issue with this post.   There is an updated Fusion one but I have not examined it the changes in it.  So far mine is performing perfectly in my applications.      


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in reply to: moakley

Hey moakley,

I did use it in Format 1 that it is intent to be used in, so I am good there.

Thank you for taking the time to educate me that when in Format 1 a H value is read at the controller it is automatically reading the D value as well and makes the two values modal, as if it was typed as H01 D01 in a program. 


Fadal is new to me and this Fadal machine is my first purchased machine. I am use to Fanuc controls on Mori Sieki machines which have to read a D value in the program. 
I have used two different D values for the same Tool on Fanuc but not Fadal. Me personally, I will not use two different D values for the same tool on my personal Fadal machine. I will just load another tool. 

Your post is truly great and I am great full it is available to the public for use. So personally thank you! 

One more question, do you happen to have a machine housing model or file that you would share for a Fadal VMC-15? 


Scott Chordas 

All Laser Design 



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in reply to: alllaserdesign

Sorry, I do not have a machine models for any of the Fadals.   Might look into this later on.


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in reply to: moakley

Good Morning Moakley,

   Would you be open to adding a slight modification in your post to return the spindle to a home position after the G1 Z0.1 move?  Example, if it finished running Tool 1's toolpath then Tool 2 will run next. I would like to see the Z axis go home at the end of running Tool 1's toolpath.  Please see attached image for reference. I used your post this weekend and this was the only part of the program I changed. 

Let me know your thoughts?

Screenshot fadal 43725MY(1).png


Thank you,

Scott Chordas



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in reply to: alllaserdesign

This is kind of funny as this same issue was bugging me an hour ago.....   I'll get it fixed with my next update.... that's the good news..... the bad news is I'm buried right now so it will be a bit.   I'm also going to do a file compare with latest fusion pp release.


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in reply to: moakley

That makes me feel better that the post developer noticed it as well. How would one know when the updated post has be released for download? 

I do not know if I did something wrong when downloading Fusions Post Process for Fadal but it wasn't posting legit G code. It was trash code really. I wish you luck on Fusions Post Process.   

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Will you have any time available to go over this post and update some things? 

let me know, 

scott chordas 

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in reply to: alllaserdesign

Nothing so far,  it's generally working quite well for me. Once I get ahead of things here,  I'll take another look.

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