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Facing & Chamfering 2nd Side - Best approach

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Facing & Chamfering 2nd Side - Best approach

I am trying to chamfer/face the second side of a part that is held in soft jaws.  Attached are two attempts:


1.  I simply moved the model upward  .45 inches (The part height of .75 inches - the depth of the soft jaw pocket of .30 inches).   I then created my tool paths relative to the top of this transposed model position.

2.  I simply off set the tool paths by .45 inches to account for the fact that the top of the model sitting in the soft jaws is .45 higher than the bottom of the pocket of the soft jaws.  


Will either of these approaches work or is there a better way to handle this?


Thanks... Richard

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Ask 10 machinist how to make a part and you will get 10 different answers, If I were making this part, I would drag that softjaw operation to the very bottom so that your setup called "Face 2" is directly beneath your "Setup One". Edit your "Face 2" setup and go to your Stock tab and turn on "from preceding setup" and turn on the little box called "continue rest machining".  This will make it much easier to visualize where your stock and machined part is for your next setup. Set your machining origin to the bottom of the jaws and set your tools there, that way if you have a part that is supposed to be .750 thick and another just like it that is .900 thick, then all you have to do is repost the program without having to reset your tools. 


Just my opinion.


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Thanks for your thoughts Leo.  I tried to work your approach, but I got lost with "Set your machining origin to the bottom of the jaws".  It looks like the origin is already established once I selected "Stock tab and turn on "from preceding setup".  I liked the idea but I wish I could make it work.



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Leo, for what it is worth, I did drag the operations around so the 2nd operation is under the 1st and turned on rest machining and set the stock to from previous operation.  This ended up with the ability to simulate my tool paths much better.  Below is a screen shot from the simulation where I moved the part up to where it sits in the soft jaws.


Thanks for your thoughts.

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