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Face grooving cutting angle error

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Face grooving cutting angle error

Trying to do a pretty basic "face groove" and can't get it sorted out.

Feature is a 0.650" radius semicircular (<120*) groove, the tool is one of those perpendicular groove tools with a 0.125" radius full round insert.

I defined the tool in Fusion as accurately as I could and just couldn't get it to play right, so I just tried to generate anything using the default tools from the library, came up empty handed.

"Error: (cuttingAngle >= 0) and (cuttingAngle <= 180)"

Not sure what that means, hopefully something dead simple to resolve because I have A LOT of parts in the pipeline that have similar features...


I also tried to define a general turning tool with a .25" round insert and allow radial and axial grooving but it wont go into the groove, just goes straight down the front...



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If there is a possibility to share relevant data, I can help.

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Maybe like this?

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Hi, I've reviewed the data and reprogrammed. I removed the holder in order not to get an error while the operation is simulating. You can compare the 2 operations and see the differences. Please accept the solution if it helped your problem

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Your version is also good, but then I would take away the hack here, then you save yourself another unnecessary pass.

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This is how I mostly use it. If your problem was solved, please accept the solution 🙂
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Thanks for the responses everybody!

I am not entirely sure what the issue I was experiencing before was from, however I was able to get some good toolpaths after your feedback.

I started by programming using an insert without the holder as suggested and got the path to work (mostly) the way I wanted.  Then added the holder geometry so I can watch for collisions if any of these grooves get too deep.

Adding the (face groove) holder required me to reorient the tool 90* to get the operation to generate but it looks the same as before so I'm gonna call it good enough.


Really not sure what was different from my setup before but I'll be using this as a template moving forward.

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To be able to enter the inner and outer radius values ​​that I expect to be in the tool for face Grove tools and to see it without any errors in the simulation. I'm eagerly waiting for this update to arrive

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