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Exceeds positive soft limit error message

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Exceeds positive soft limit error message

I created a simple program for the second  op on 200 aluminum bushings I'm making.  I'm doing two at a time in soft jaws and struggled a little with the geometry selection for the facing op.  I finally had to split it into two ops but at least it works.  I'm sure I didn't do something right regarding the stock when I created the parts and put them into the vise.  The program cuts right but about 90% of the time when it gets to the end of the program, it goes to the status page and gives the "Exceeds positive soft limits on the Y axis by 0.00000"  If I go back to the home page and hit cycle start, it responds correctly and goes back to the beginning of the program.  I've never experienced this error before and wasn't able to find anything on point searching the web and this forum.  It's not a big deal but with 200 parts to make, I'd rather not have to deal with the extra step at the controller.

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What is your machine and controller?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I'm sorry, it's a Tormach 1100MX with Pathpilot.

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