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Error: The file 'b'/private/var/folders/9n/zfj178sn6tx6_3_6ppw2jqk80000gn/T/Neutron/Fusion360CAM/21431-2'' does not exist.

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Error: The file 'b'/private/var/folders/9n/zfj178sn6tx6_3_6ppw2jqk80000gn/T/Neutron/Fusion360CAM/21431-2'' does not exist.

Toolpath generated fine (Ran 150 parts just fine last week, need to make 10 more with different size stock), changed size of stock, regenerated now this toolpath gets the below error:




EDIT: Also I changed the setup's number of instances from 3 to 2.

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in reply to: FrodoLoggins

That directory is where it is trying to store the rest-material mesh so that the toolpath can be generated.  I see in the screenshot that the in-process stock (IPS) is also missing in the toolpaths following "RGH 2".  The calculation of rest-material meshes and IPS meshes is very similar.

Perhaps something is wrong with the cached IPS meshes.  You could  deleting those.  You can delete the entire $TMPDIR/Neutron/Fusion360CAM/meshes directory.  Then reload your design and let it calculate the IPS again.

If you open the "Task Manager" (in the "Manage" pane on the toolbar), you can watch it to see which calculation is getting stuck.  If clearing and recalculating the IPS doesn't work, could you attach your design here so that I can see if I can figure out what is wrong with the IPS calculation?

Brek Miller

Software Engineer

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