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Error during adding vendor tool holder model into tool library.

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Error during adding vendor tool holder model into tool library.

I wanted to take the solid model from Shars website of both the ER16 and ER25 CAT40 tool holders I just purchased for my mill. I downloaded the .py file from NYC CNCs website, then added the file to the script. After orienting the model into the proper orientation and running the script. I get the attached error message. I do all my CAD/CAM work on a new 2021 MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. Any and all help one this is appreciated as I would LOVE to have a workflow during programming that included the actual work holders I am using on the mill. Thank you all! Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 9.49.20 AM.png

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@Sam_Johnson_ I have managed to complete this successfully with the 'Shars' tools you identified in the thread using a Windows PC. So not sure if it is a incompatibility issue with the Mac? 

@GeorgeRoberts are there any platform restrictions with this script? Do you know why it throws up an error?



Christopher Cooper
Technical Consultant
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So, I wonder if I could apply the tool holders and everything on a PC, save the tool in my cloud tool library? Then with the tool saved I should be able to have access to the tool on any device correct? I'm not sure if that is the correct way of thinking, but possibly a solution? I'll give it a try and report back! 

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Thanks for posting. This error looks like an issue with the TK library I was using to show a 'save as' dialog... Please can you change this block of code (in the scripts .PY file):

    root = tk.Tk()
    filename = filedialog.asksaveasfilename()
    if filename:
        with open(filename, 'w') as f:
            json.dump(jsonOut, f)


to this:


    fileDlg = ui.createFileDialog()
    fileDlg.title = 'Fusion Save File Dialog'
    dlgResult = fileDlg.showSave()
    if dlgResult == adsk.core.DialogResults.DialogOK:
        filename = fileDlg.filename + '.json'
    if filename:
        with open(filename, 'w') as f:
            json.dump(jsonOut, f)




George Roberts

Manufacturing Product manager
If you'd like to provide feedback and discuss how you would like things to be in the future, Email Me and we can arrange a virtual meeting!
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@GeorgeRoberts  YES YES YES! Thank you very much! This worked perfectly! I'm up and running now. Thank you so so much for your help on this! 

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