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Epilogue Laser Engrave Line Thickness

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Epilogue Laser Engrave Line Thickness

I am trying to post process an epilogue cut file, the line thickness is to thick to cut from the HTML file. When postprocess the file it works fine. Except for Vector Cutting. The line thickness is to thick. When I confirm the thickness of the HTML  by right clicking on source page it says that the line strocke = .0254". For my laser it needs to be <.01" ideally it should be .001. I do not know how to convert the line thickness to .001" Any ideas on how to change this on the fusion side would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 




I did confirm I have vector set on the print settings on my laser engraver print dialogue box of my computer still no cutting 

I can not edit the STL in fusion nor Adobe illustrator. How can I edit the post processor to make the lines more thin <.01" inch thickness. Currently they are .0254" thick.


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