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Entry point on 2D contours, etc.

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Entry point on 2D contours, etc.

Posting this as a followup to another topic about entry points for pocket toolpaths.  I've tried several times to get entry points to work and don't see what I'm doing wrong.  In the program attached, I am milling open .374 dia counterbores over a preexisting drilled hole.  The material is titanium so I would like to avoid plunging my end mill if possible and use the existing open hole to plunge into at a higher feed rate.  I was able to get this to work by playing with lead-in settings, but when I select entry points (linking tab on far right) as points in the center of each counterbore, the tool does not start in the center of the hole, but rather follows the lead-in/lead-out parameters that are specified.  This would cause a plunge into the material.  Any ideas?





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Couple of ways you can tackle this:

1) You actually want to be using "PreDrill Points" (which is right above the "Start point" button). Turn on "Keep Tool Down" and select your three points. Result:



Option #2: Use a better toolpath such as Bore or Circular and turn on "Lead to Center" 

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks @seth.madore ! I completely overlooked the circular path for some reason.  Though, one thing I like about using Contour is that I can specify an overlap and not risk leaving a little scallop.  I don't see the option to overlap on Circular.  Also, the Bore tool path means I have to helix in, right?  Not ideal on the finishing path at least.


Back to the topic...It seems to me though, that "entry point" should function the same way as "pre-drill", no?  I am specifying a geometry point and using the logical (to me) filter of "entry point".  And why the need to turn on "keep tool down" in order to select "pre-drill"?  I might want the tool to come out (in certain situations) to be able to flush chips out, for example.


Thanks for the tips.

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