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Engraving issue (newbie)

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Engraving issue (newbie)

Hello all,


I am having an issue with setting up an engraving of 2 hearts (in wood).

F360 does not seem to be removing all the material between the edges.


I attached the simulation. I am sure it is a newbie mistake, but I have been wracking my brain and googling for days now.


The tool I am using is 1/8" diameter, 2 flute, 45 degree (90 degree total).

I am sure I am not giving enough information! LOL

(Interesting fact is if I use a 20 degree tool, F360 removes ALL the material between the edges.)








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in reply to: bpedrant

Can you attach your Fusion 360 file?

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in reply to: bpedrant

It looks to be related to the tool/tooltype.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or Fusion is.


Changing the "Bottom Height" has strange effects, and does not fix the issue.


What I really want is the engraving to use the 90 degree bit, and carve out the material at the 45 degree of the bit for the area between the heart lines. (it is doing mostly that, but it is leaving some areas not engraved.)







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in reply to: bpedrant

The issue is that the gap between the two edges are wider than your tool and changing the angle of the tool won't force Fusion to remove that material.

Fusion looks for two opposing edges and creates a "V" toolpath in between. If the tool is narrower than the gap, we end up with results such as this. Long and short; use a bigger tool

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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