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Engrave Single Line Not Around

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Engrave Single Line Not Around



I am trying to engrave some text.  The path goes around the number.  I would like the path to be a single line in the shape of the number or letter.  The part is attached.


Please help.

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Use a single line font like this:



Scrool to choose a fornt to the top and choose one of this sigle line fonts


For the engraving operation use the Operation (see picture) in english it is named Trace


this way you get a nice engraving

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in reply to: alan

Thank you for your reply.  The path still goes around the number.

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You need to go into Design mode and create Single Line Font as advised by @marcus.toepke, see attached file, go to Design mode and look at the History and you will see where the Single Line Font was created, see images below and run the attached file, this may be what you are looking to try and do.

Single Line FontSingle Line FontSingle Line Font ToolpathSingle Line Font ToolpathSimulation of Single Line FontSimulation of Single Line Font

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I would suggest you use TRACE instead of ENGRAVE. It works with single line font.  You will notice that the fonts available are listed into 2 sections and the sections are divided by a horizontal line. The fonts listed above the line are for tracing and the fonts below are for engraving

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P.S.  Think you are a little confused regarding the difference between Engrave and Trace, to do what you want is to do a simple Trace of a shape, be it a letter/number/2D Shape not Engraving which is for cutting shapes with 3D sharp corners usually modelled in the part.

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