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Engrave issue

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Engrave issue

First time using engrave....on a finished part.

In manufacture

set up binding top

Toolpath T10 engrave2

I selected the letters, all highlighted, oked it

but it did not pick up the last letter i.....I have another i it did pickup...

I simulated it and all the other letters appeared to cut.

I then tried to select the bottom contour of the last i  and it worked.

So which is it select dilegently select bottom contours.....or just select letters.

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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

That's a curved surface so a 2D toolpath like Engrave will cut each letter differently as it's going to a consistent depth but because of the curve will look different




Trace would be the toolpath to use as it will cut along the variable Z level, but it doesn't work well in my experience outside of Line Fonts as with that kind of font it will only cut outlines

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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

yeah was going for the outlines

anyway ill try trace

worked perfect select bottom of contour like always......

thanks alot

I wonder why it is not in 3d catagory rather than 2d catagory.....i might have even picked it.

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