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Enable Japanese output in the post processor.

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Enable Japanese output in the post processor.

If you write a Fusion operation comment in Japanese and perform post-processing, the part of the comment that is garbled and cannot be converted is "????". which is garbled and cannot be converted.
Since Fanuc control is capable of writing Kanji and Hiragana, we would like to be able to support Japanese input if possible.
Please let me know if you have any solutions to this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Operation comment.pngafter post process.png

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You can add the allowable characters here:



You could also set it to undefined but that runs the risk of getting illegal characters in the code.

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

don't forget that the machine must also support this character set

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Hi @monozukuri.daisuki.higucchan 

The current fanuc post is set with the encoding of ASCII, japanese characters are not supported by ASCII. so the encoding needs to be set to UTF-8. 

you can set that in the post processor. Edit the post processor and find for the line 


and change this into



and also writeComment fuction is set up in a way that it will ignore any characters apart form the character mentioned in the settings object

permittedCommentChars: " abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789.,=_-",

 Since it may difficult to metion all the characters in the japanese you can set this to undefined so it will output all the characters

    permittedCommentChars: undefined,

save the post and test it


Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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I have tried to put into practice what you have told me, but I am editing the post processor from a RS274 multi-axis post.

I think you are probably referring to Fanuc.cps, but my post has no setting parameters and seems to have lost the getSetting function and some code related to it that is required for the function to work.

These may need to be implemented by copying and pasting from Fanuc.cps or overwriting old logic.

This may take some time, but I will give it a go.
Thank you very much.

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Right If you are using the rs274 multiaxis post then you might not need the second modification because the post is already set to do so

Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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Thank you for all the information you have given me.
It seems that by changing to UTF-8 I am able to output properly.
However, the editor I am using, Cimco Edit, does not support character encoding, or it is still garbled due to a bug or something.
However, when I opened it in Windows Notepad, it was in Japanese without any problems, so I think it is the output I wanted.

Thank you for your help! Thank you😁

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