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Empty Toolpath Causes Unusable Stock Model

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Empty Toolpath Causes Unusable Stock Model

I have an issue that I am wondering if there is a better solution for. This is somewhat of a cross post from the API forum, but this problem is not restricted to programmatically created operations. When an operation does not generate any toolpath, the stock model is not able to be used any more for rest machining. 




In this image the second scallop operation could not find any rest material and came back empty. Because of this the stock model would not calculate and all the following rest material operations ignored their rest machining and created untrimmed toolpaths. The solution to fix it is simple, just delete the empty toolpath and recalculate, but i since I am building them programmatically, this made me have to loop through all the operations to check if they were empty, then delete them and re-calculate all downstream operations, which takes forever. Is there a way to force the rest material model to generate even if the toolpath is empty?


This toolpath uses rest machining but it is ignoring this setting and machining everything because the toolpath before it was empty.




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