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Empty toolpath and toolpath has no sections when importing into another design

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Empty toolpath and toolpath has no sections when importing into another design

Hello everyone,

I am learning the manufacturing side of Fusion360, and I am trying to create drill tool paths on models (multi-axis contour). I have managed to do it on a single model (see attached), enjoying the simulation of the tool path very much, and I have then uploaded that model with the same trim line to the tray model to help me align it to my CNC machine. I do the same setup as in the previous file, but this time it says that 'toolpath has no sections', and the errors are : 'no passes to link' and an 'empty toolpath'.


individual trimline.PNG


tray error message.PNG











1) What does 'no passes to link' mean?
2) Any ideas why my trim tool path would work in one file but not in the other?


I have looked at the following page, but none of the suggestions for resolutio

n are relevant.


Thanks in advance for any ideas/help!

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous,


I did a quick check on the difference between your files.


The setting in RED was set to Trim Impossible that causes the not calculation toolpath.

Change it to Turn when impossible and the toolpath works.



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Marco Takx
CAM Programmer & CAM Consultant

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in reply to: Marco.Takx

Hi @Marco.Takx ,

I checked that it worked. Thank you so much for taking the time! 🙂

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