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Edge Selection - Quick Question

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Edge Selection - Quick Question

Quick question.  I am selecting the edge of the model for the WCS for this part.  When I select the edge, see blue arc below, the position of the WCS appears to be moved some distance from the edge.  Is this distance just the radius of the curve that I used to make this fillet?  In this example I used a fillet with a .01 radius.  Basically, I need to know the distancefrom the edge of the part to the actual WCS.


Thanks... Richard








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The WCS is located on the Circle center for that radius, whenever you select as arc or circle for the WCS that is what you will get. So yes its 0.01 from the edge of that radius.


If you want the WCS to be on the theoretical intersection of the two edges you would need to create a sketch point and pick that as your selected point.

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Thanks for your quick reply... That is what I thought but better to confirm.


Thanks again for your quick response Andrew!

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