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Duplicate and mirror Op1 tool paths for Op2

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Duplicate and mirror Op1 tool paths for Op2

Is that possible? I have parts that have the same processes for op1 and op2, the only different is they are mirrored/ flipped 180 degrees. Is there a way to duplicate and mirror the geometry and operations from Op1 without having to select the geometry again? Seems like there should be with how advanced fusion has gotten over the last few years but Im not finding a solution from searching. Small problem but when I get crazy and think I can improve operations, start changing things, being able to mirror the manufacturing process for Op2 with the same exact operations but mirrored / flipped 180 degrees would be very time saving and a huge peace of mind.


I am one to check to make sure everything looks right, then check again, drink some coffee, check again, restroom break, check again and may get it ran before lunch. I guess I may have PTSD from my earlier fusion days when I wouldn't check anything and would trash parts left and right. lol 



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Yes, somewhat. There are limitations to this, so it's often easier to just copy the toolpaths and dump them into the OP2 setup, redefining heights as needed.

Would you be able to share your Fusion file here or privately?
File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply. To share the file privately, it's the same process, but email it to me: seth DOT madore AT autodesk DOT com

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Yeah, I can email it, Warning its a mess. Lol. I plan to create a cleanup file once Im settled on all the aspects but keep nitpicking operations and such. I'll describe which parts Im referencing in the email. Thanks 


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