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Dual spindle G14 mirror command at each NC operation

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Dual spindle G14 mirror command at each NC operation

Running a Haas DS30SSY, when I run operations on the sub spindle it automatically turns on G14 spindle mirroring.


1) Is there an option to not do this?


2) If there isn't, is there a way to output the G14 command on every NC operation that requires it, rather than just once at the beginning of the sub spindle setup?  If I hit reset, tweak an offset, and jump partway through my sub spindle setup to re-run an operation G14 has been canceled and it will run the wrong spindle...


Would be super helpful if the Fusion 360 Post Processor Utility for Visual Studio had samples of dual spindle programs, then this would be pretty quick to troubleshoot...



Also turning approaches and retracts are




Having all ID tool operations start and end at centerline?  I am making 10" diameter parts, the majority of code/motion/cycle time in some of these operations is just unnecessary linking moves...

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I'm surprised this isn't automatically included in "safe start every operation" It will load up a sub spindle tool and use a sub spindle WCS but it won't also call out the sub spindle turning?


I'm not very fluent in Java otherwise I could probably manage this myself.

It appears the only time G14 will be called is at the beginning of a new setup, how can I adapt that to be posted each time a tool is called?

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I see the G15 and G14 commands are generated inside of a switch command and includes two cases: spindle_primary and spindle_secondary.

Is there a way to modify this so that it is not testing for a change in spindle but rather just tests which spindle is active and posts the appropriate code?  Seems like that would work for what I'm doing.

The program is also generated from individual setups for either spindle as demonstrated in every DS tutorial I've seen, but I wonder if that might also be compounding the issue.



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If anybody is interested this is how I made it work:

I commented out the G14/15 generated by the Switch command

I added a logic test for which spindle was active at every tool change and use that to write a G14 or G15

This way as I proof out a program at the machine I can stop, inspect a part, comp a tool and when I rerun the tool the correct spindle will spin.



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