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Drilling thousands of holes

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Drilling thousands of holes

Hello everyone,


I'm creating a simple part, but it has over 6,000 holes in it.


I'm using a drill toolpath using the select same diameter option and Fusion seems to be unable to handle all of the holes and will freeze up anytime I try to open the toolpath box or change any options.


Is there a better way to drill all of these holes?


I've included the project file but I strongly suggest opening it with caution. For me at least it will consistently freeze/crash my Fusion


Thank you in advance 



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in reply to: jcramton

I think this can work as follows:

Create delimituns sketches around the number of holes that are automatically selected.

Now proceed as follows:

- Create drilling operation (do not select a tool)

- Select Equal Diameter in the Geometry tab

- The option Tool limit appears - Select limit

- Select tool


This way you can select the limit, before Fusion try to find the holes with same diameter






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in reply to: jcramton

Even easier, provided that all your holes are spaced evenly:

1) Drill a series of holes, either along the X or the Y. You can constrain this with a sketch

2) Put that toolpath into a Pattern > Distance/Qty and specify the needed values

The one downside is that you can't specify ordering, so it's likely going to go down the line in the X+ direction and then increment up Y+ and back home, repeat the process.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: marcus.toepke

Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn't work for me.


What I found helped a lot is switching the order from "optimtize order" to "order by X"

It's still incredibly laggy, but at least manageable now.


And just for reference I'm running a i9-12900K with 128gb of ram and a RTX A4000, so I doubt it's my computer

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in reply to: jcramton

Looks like we posted at the same time Seth, I'll try that way too. 

Thank you

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in reply to: jcramton

It's not ideal ordering, but calculation was only 15 seconds or so for me, minimal freezing. My PC isn't quite a potato, but it's getting on in years (Ryzen7)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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