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Dovetail for sight

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Dovetail for sight

Machining a dovetail.  Dovetail width is .25 and the specific cutter is .25.  I have no problem with the roughing it out but I can't get a valid toolpath.  I understand that the cut is going to be one shot.  The mill is a 74 degree.

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You shouldn't need rest machining for this tool path so I turned that off and selected just one of the edges for the tool to follow and I get a valid path. 

Hope this helps

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Same here, as @Garrett_Wade suggests the "Rest Machining should be turned off, not needed, the other thing is that your tool is not correct, the angle should be 16 degrees not 26 degrees, at the 26 degrees it does not cut the slot to the correct shape, try the attached file 🙂

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Thank you very much! I did try selecting one edge the bottom left and the simulation brought the center of the tool to the selected line. I get not needing REST but I am a bit lost on how you got it.

Thanks again
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The clue was in the line "one shot" cut, so obviously there was no previous roughing etc so logic dictates that the Rest is not required 🙂

The reason that the toolpath was on the line your selected which meant that the center of the tool followed that line and violated the Model was that under the Passes Tab you had the "Compensation" set to off, I set it to "In Computer" to show the toolpath in the middle of the slot. 🙂 Hope that made some sense 🙂

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Thanks for the help!  I must have fat fingered when typing in the degrees. 

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Hello all, i am trying to setup a new tool, it is a 74deg dovetail cutter w.250 shaft.  when i enter the specs i get a weird tool imageDovetail  cutter image.png and the tool does not cut correctly. any ideas?

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What is the actual tool; model and manufacturer? I suspect you've interpreted the dimensions incorrectly.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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is that the total angle, or per side? Put your tool up to the screen and see if it matches that tool model on screen.

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