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Desktop Connector is still running

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Desktop Connector is still running

I've downloaded the last update for the Desktop Connector but can't finish the installation because the Desktop Connector is still running. I'm given instructions to resolve the problem, however I can't access the needed page with the menu. I am simply shown directions  as shown in the screenshot moz-extension://78ac0b1d-846c-48c5-8ad8-1850c848491c/editor/page.html

I don't know how to find the menu page that contains the Task Manager. I've tried everything I know to get to that page. No success.


I'm on a steep learning curve here. I've spent over an hour on this and am still unable to close the Desktop Connector.


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Hi, I'm replying to my own message. I've solved the problem of the Desktop Connector still running by shutting off my computer. The shutting off required me to shut off the Connector. When the computer restarted I picked the file from downloads and was able to installation.


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