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Deburr lead-in problem

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Deburr lead-in problem

So in the deburr operation, if you want to stay clear of walls by 0.010", you CANNOT.  The operation forces you to have 1/4 of the tool radius as a radius lead-in!!  Where does that come from, 1/4 of the tool radius!!  lol  Someone picked that out of a hat?  It just seems very random.  Why can't we leave it as no lead-in?  That way the tool would really be 0.010" from the wall, as wanted.  Also, why not giving more lean-in options... when using 2d chamfer, I often pick a lead-in 0.1" long at 110º, so that when it goes down on Z, it's a bit further away from the wall, then approaches to the 0.010" wanted.  That works perfectly, but deburr does not allow it.  At the very least, get rid of this 1/4 of tool radius thing and let us plunge straight down on the start of the path, with a little plunge feedrate to engage.


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Hi @DarthBane55,

Thanks for this report.  You'll be aware that this toolpath actually comes from ModuleWorks, so we don't have the ability to change it - just to tweak the way it's presented, or to lobby them to make changes.

In this case, their documentation makes it very clear that this strategy will always create a tangential arc move into the edge that's being deburred, so some sort of a radius is mandatory.  The imposition of the limit of 1/4 of the tool radius comes from ModuleWorks.  We have added that as a parameter restriction to our user interface so that users can't calculate a toolpath that will subsequently fail.

I appreciate that this probably isn't the answer you wanted, but I do not believe ModuleWorks have any plans to support plunges on to the edge to avoid this tangential arc move.

Peter Lockyer

Software Development Manager, Fusion 360 Manufacturing and PowerMill

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