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Cylindrical Face Not in Tool Orientation

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Cylindrical Face Not in Tool Orientation

Issue drilling 4 of 7 holes in the TopLegsFlatFace Setup, everything in Inspect looks to be on the same plane so dissimilar to another user's issue posted after the April 2023 update. Please have a look here: 


Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 4.48.43 PM.png


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in reply to: MarkDGaal

I think the issue stems from the Fact that the holes are created in a different body(body23) and cut through to body 6, it seems like Fusion is getting confused as to where the hole actually is coming from.


Then you have the manufacturing model with the parts all in different orientations too which may be contributing.


Really all those bodies should have been created in their own components as the design history gets very messy and hard to fix when they are all in the top level of the file


EDIT: so to fix you could try creating the holes in body 6 separately from the holes in body 23

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in reply to: MarkDGaal

They are in fact not aligned, but by an insanely small amount:



You should find this working properly in an upcoming release.


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Ugh I see I didn't think to inspect like that. Okay annoying.... I discovered that the issue steamed from a sketch plane that I defined on the face of Body6. THEN, I subsequently changed the position of Body6 because of a really small out-of-zero issue which then caused the sketch plane for Body26 to be ****'ed ever so slightly. Fixed now thanks.

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