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Cutting holes sequenjtially within a larger part.

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Cutting holes sequenjtially within a larger part.

Am trying to cut holes (Six to be exact) of more than one size and form in a small wooden part.  I am not particularly interested in the sequence in which the holes are cut. But I would like to have them all cut before the part itself is cut. So far, at least one hole has been left to cut and my machine returns to do that hole before calling it quits. Of course, that last hole has a strange form as the maller form  in the hole moved  back and forth while the machine was cutting it.

What am I doing wrong?.

Thanks for any and all replies,

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Can you upoal your Fusion f3d file or a sample file that has the issue so it can be investigated.

Go To:-

File > Export > Select f3d Format > Save to a location on your Computer > Then attach to your reply.

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My reply to you. Thanks for the reply and the explanation on how to export a file.

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Create 2 separate 2D Contours?....



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Single 2D Contour will do it 🙂

Or, you can try changing a couple of selections in the 3D Contour.




05-01-02 MAIN-2.jpg

05-01-02 MAIN-3.jpg


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