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cutting a shoulder around a part that has a curved surface

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cutting a shoulder around a part that has a curved surface

Hi, fairly new to fusion so I don't know if I'm even approaching this the correct way. 


Basically I would like to create a rabbit (shoulder) around the fretboard I have attached while following the radius of the fretboard top. I have only been able to get it to work with the parallel strategy using a 1/32 inch bit, this is obviously not the best way to accomplish this bc the path is only in one direction and it would take forever, and not leave a clean edge with a strait line. 

 Ideally I would like to have  .25" inch bull nose bit follow the contour in one single pass, but I don't see any strategies that would allow me to do this while following the radius of the fretboard bc it would require it to mill in 3 axis strategy. 

 Please help! Ive tried every 3d strategy with great frustration  bc I will find something close and change one setting that does not involve the surface to mill and then it will not cut anything. 

any help will be greatly appreciated , I know I have probably done many things wrong so please let me know what they are. 



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Have you tried the Trace toolpath?

Even though its under the 2D menu it is actually capable of machining 3D features.


I had a look at your file but the Bullnose tool you have has a very large radius which won't get even close to making the sharp corners you have modelled.


You need to make sure to change the sideways compensation to Left(or Right, but not center)

Screenshot 2023-03-19 133948.png

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