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Cutter comp and feedrate

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Cutter comp and feedrate

Hi, I've been having issues with the feedrates set in fusion not matching the feedrate at the control of my machine. I have noticed it is mainly on arcs and particularly bores and threadmills etc but only seems to be when cutter comp is enabled? Does Anyone have a fix for this? Works ok without the cutter comp on. I've set compensation type to in control as any other type causes g41/42 errors. I'm using generic fanuc post and fanuc i-series control on a doosan mill. Thanks 

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Is it going faster at the CNC on outer arcs and slower on inner arcs from the posted feedrates?

Then that is likely to be a setting at your control.

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No just seems to be inner arcs, have also had feedrate issues on other machines using different posts and different controls? Some programs on other machin s are taking 2X the estimated time in fusion, a 1hr program is taking 2hrs+ to actually run on our Heidenhain machines

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So, if you have a posted feedrate for example of say F20 (Inches) or F508 (Metric) in the code then the change must be happening in the control, so if it is going slower than the posted feedrate on an internal arc then the control is slowing for the internal arcs, if for example you are running an adaptive toolpath that has many "internal" arcs then yes, it is very likely to take much longer at the cnc than the estimated Fusion time which is calculated using a constant set feedrate.

If the feedrate shown on the cnc screen is what is in the code but the actual feedrate is not the same then that would likely be a parameter setting within the control would be my guess.

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Do you have M109 or M110 enabled? 


M109 Constant contouring speed at tool cutting edge (increase and decrease feed rate)
M110 Constant contouring speed at tool cutting edge (feed rate decrease only)



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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That makes sense I was initially thinking it must be control related but having it on multiple machines I was starting to think it maybe something in fusion 

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I'm not at the control now until Monday but I will check when I'm back thanks 

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