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Custom multi-angled mill tool CAM? Milling with form tool?

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Custom multi-angled mill tool CAM? Milling with form tool?

I have a part that has 3 different planes at consistent angles (65°, 23°, 7°) that I'm machining on a 3 axis mill. I've been using a ball mill and parallel, but I want to optimize my tool paths and reduce machining time. To this end, I would like to use custom tooling with these specific angles to allow fewer passes and a smoother surface finish. Ideally these 3 unique angles would be combined into a single tool as shown below (The tool would use TCMT-1102 inserts).
Screenshot 2024-02-27 091702.png
For a given operation, only one of the 3 angles would be used. ie: When milling the 7° plane, only the bottom insert would be cutting, the 23° plane would only use the middle insert, etc. It's essentially 3 tapered face mills combined into a single tool. I am able to 'fake' a tool with any one of these angles, and generate toolpaths, as a custom face mill with a taper or a chamfer mill (though the latter throws errors half the time). Though the only method I can find to have all 3 angles on the same tool is with using the form tool option, and form tools can't be used for milling operations. Does anybody know of an approach to be able to define this combination tool and generate tool paths to cut these angles? This tool will be loaded via tool changer carousel, so I can't have 3 unique tool definitions that each represent a 'portion' of the actual tool being inserted into the spindle.

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Form tools can indeed be used for many milling operations, which ones were you trying to employ?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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