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Custom Excel Set up Sheet - Adding data

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Custom Excel Set up Sheet - Adding data

Hi All,


I am trying to add some additional columns/info into a custom excel set up sheet, but cannot get them to work and I'm hoping someone could provide some assistance?


I've managed to change / add some other details but I cannot add the following highlighted in the image below:-



I've tried using the $tool_feedCutting and $tool.coolant variables; but no data is being populated in the set up sheet when using the post. I would also like to add the tool image as a visual queue in the setup sheet, but I don't know the variable to do so.


Thanks for any help.

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You can use the dump.cps post processor to find all the data that is passed to the post and how it's called.

Find it here:

Laurens Wijnschenk

AutoDesk CAM user & Post editor.
René for Legend.

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Hi Laurens,


Thanks for the information. I managed to find the Autodesk dump file within Fusion to find the variables. I am adding the required variable to the Excel template (as below) but when running via the post processor to create the setup sheet, no data is being populated.




Is there any additional information or changes required to the post processor?


Thanks again for the help.

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