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Creating a toolpath for a face-cam profile using a 4th axis

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Creating a toolpath for a face-cam profile using a 4th axis

New user here~ Cross posted.


I'm struggling to create a toolpath to machine the cam-lobe shape on the face of this part.


I have modeled the profile carefully as such the CNC would only need to move in the X (left to right) table direction and turn the rotary table at the same time.




I can't seem to get the wrap toolpath to accept the shape.


Any ideas?



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So you may be having problems with Wrap because it will not let you select closed(cyclic) contours.

you have to break it up into two separate 2D contour paths.



It also seems that the front profile is NOT a true wrapped shape as there is some over and under cutting of various areas where the walls are not coaxial with the tool axis.(perpendicular to the rotary axis).


another option you could look at is the new rotary pocket/contour toolpaths.

I have an example with a square endmill which shows the walls with stair steps on the.

and a second with a ball nose the will generate the profile correctly as modelled.



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Thank you for the in-depth help and putting your time into this.


I've read/ watched that you need to select the line segments induvidually (as you did), but I cannot get fusion to allow me to do this. Anywhere I select it always chains the segments into a cyclic contour. Is there a trick to breaking it up? 


For instance, my o-ring groove at the other end of the part. (If) I want to do this with an endmill, how can I break up it up into segments? Or would I be required to use Multi-Axis functionality?


I just added the rotary preview. I didn't know about this! Thanks, I will play with it and your samples.

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heres a wee vid on the selection process and how to split a cyclic feature

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Thank you for the help. Using ALT is what I was missing.


Rotary Contour seems to make the best path for the face feature. I've duplicated them allowing different amounts of "Stock to leave" so I am able to create multiple depths of cuts in the X direction rather than the Z.


Screenshot 2022-12-03 204710.jpg

Thank you again answering my questions.

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As an experiment I changed my cutter to 1/8" and I no longer have the overcut/ undercut issues. I think the larger tool size was interfering with the material as it ramped up and down the contour.

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