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Creating a Post without G18

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Creating a Post without G18



I'm creating a custom Post for an ART CNC router.  The G-code processor on this machine has a fairly restricted set of usable commands (relative to Mach3 anyway).  I've got it 95% of the way there.


The only thing I'm having trouble with is Fusion uses the G18 to change the contour plane for producing the vertical radius on lead in/out.  The ART router ignores the G18 which makes lead in/out unusable.


Is there a way to get a lead in/out without a vertical radius?  Or is the a way to linearize just the vertical radiuses and use the normal G02/G03 when it's in the normal XY contour plane?



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Set the Vertical Lead-In and Lead-Out to zero, then right click the field and select Make Default.


You'll have to do this for each toolpath that has a lead radius setting though. The post can be modified to linearize those paths though instead of using G18/G19 planes.

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Enter 0 into the vertical leadin (and leadout) locations; then right click and indicate that you want this as the default.


You can also do this for many settings by right clicking on an op, clicking on 'Compare and Edit'. You can right click on any setting that is not greyed out and also change the default.




Oops....once again Neal types faster 🙂

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And if you prefer to just make sure it never accidentally slips back in, change this section in your post:


allowedCircularPlanes = undefined; // allow any circular motion


allowedCircularPlanes = 1; // allow any circular motion

This will allow arcs only in the XY plane, so anything else will be linearized

Seth Madore
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Thanks, great answers.  I also learned how to setup defaults on operations!


In this case though, as I use multiple machines it's great to have a solution that confines the restrictions just to the post and doesn't require remembering to not use vertical lead-in/out on the tool paths.

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This solution would be great but on my either MakinoD300 or Fanuc PP .. even set .. not working .. on tutorial example 2D

Any suggestion ?

Picture in attachment

Thanks a lot


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May want to take a look at the latest post processor document on the Autodesk Post Library site. Go to page 5-175 for description of the settings for allowedCircularPlanes. Then check the bottom of page 5-176 for example of such settings. 


Have to confess, I much prefer to set vertical, circular lead-ins to '0', can't see any reason for it given other approaches to ramping into material. But that is just my $0.02. 


BTW, make sure you look at the post manual on the Post Library website; older versions of the manual have the above instructions located on significantly different pages.



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Thank you very much Fred !!

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