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Create Turning Paths for 5 axis lathe

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Create Turning Paths for 5 axis lathe

Has anyone used Fusion 360 to create code for a swiss style CNC lathe (Tsugami BO-205 III)?  I am using a basic program now (Tsugami Abile Software) but since I have Fusion 360 I wondered if it will work in this environment?  Thanks!

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It's technically doable, just a matter of how much you're looking to invest, both in time and post edits.

If you're trying to do multi-channel, that's not going to happen, as we do not have support for that yet, nor do we have lathe simulation (collision avoidance and the like)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I'm using Fusion to run my Nomura Swiss with a Mits M80 control. I use a ton of Pass Throughs to handle the part transfer operations and wait codes. I keep a template stored and delete anything I end up not using.

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