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Create a single sketch containing all parts from dxf

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Create a single sketch containing all parts from dxf

Hi Fusion team,


My company uses an external nesting software that basically nests all our parts into the inventory/ stock we have in our sheet rack


The software we use, spits out a dxf but I am having trouble with the "manufacturing" side.


The dxf isn't on one single sketch, so it makes it really tedious to create a cutting plan.


At the moment, I am having to extrude each part individually and from there I choose the "face contours" option to be able to create the cutting plan, but its a real pain in the bum.


Is there a quicker and simpler way to create a cutting plan without having to select each part individually?



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in reply to: stevensniko

You could try creating a new sketch and projecting everything from the DXF to get it all on a single plane/sketch in the design side before moving to manufacturing.

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in reply to: Garrett_Wade

Hi Garret,


I have tried this method but for some reason I cannot highlight the nest after creating a sketch to project.


I also forgot to attach the file, so here it is 🙂

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in reply to: stevensniko

I suspect you are uploading the DXF via the data panel, is that the case? Instead just open a blank document and insert the DXF, you'll have the option to insert "single sketch" or "one sketch per layer".


The tree in your document is unusual (to me)... it appears to have multiple components with identically named sketches, and the contents of the sketches appear to be shared across components? I haven't seen that sort of behaviour before.


Extruding the profiles in Fusion might be tedious because dragging a window around them doesn't recognise the holes in the profiles..... personally I would just extrude the 2D geometry in Rhino then export the solids in STEP format to take into Fusion, works perfectly and takes no time at all.

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in reply to: matty.fuller

You are a genius! Inserting the dxf onto a sketch plane has worked perfectly and is now a single sketch.

Yes, I was uploading the dxf via the data panel (Been doing this for the past two years 🤦‍:male_sign:) and I don't know why I haven't thought of the method you have suggested.

Thankyou so much!

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