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Copying a machine in Machine Library causes interdependency issues

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Copying a machine in Machine Library causes interdependency issues

We are adding some lathes to our shop, and those will get fed toolpaths from Fusion, once we get the post-processors running for those lathes. Since they're mill/turn lathes, I decided to copy my Okuma Mill/Turn machine inside my tool library from my local list of machines again to the local list of machines. Then I edit the new, copied version of that machine, to rename and repurpose for the new lathes, updating feeds and home positions accordingly.

I don't have a machine model or anything, but the machine listing in fusion for me is mostly just for toolpath generation to pick up on the right post-processor, read the max feeds, kinematics, etc. Copying another machine without a model shouldn't be an issue, right?


I then discover that copying an existing machine inside the machine library causes fusion to think that the original needs updating to the "new" version of the copied machine, causing frustration and interdependency bugs between what are now separate machines in my library. Any updating of any of the copied machines causes the others to think there is a "new" version and wants to re-write everything else from scratch.


Honestly it's a terrible user experience. This is how copying works with almost anything in other software, yet the machine library cannot handle this kind of duplication? This has to be a bug, right?

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Hello, @cyltech .

It sounds, that your machine actually has a model linked to it. Otherwise, it should not know anything about original machine. We don't track this information for regular machines. If you see black box icon in right top corner of your machine, it has a model. You can remove this link by editing machine in text editor. Just delete this line:



Sorry, if you got the issue. We are working on improving user experience in this area.

Viacheslav Shapilov
Developer Technical Services
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