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Copy/Export Cutting Parameters to Tool Library

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Copy/Export Cutting Parameters to Tool Library



I'm looking to improve my workflow and I hope the functionality I'm after is available with Fusion. 


When working setting up a new part for CNC I will adjust feeds/speeds for an operation based on actual cutting performance. Is there an easy way to save these parameters back to the tool in the library? 


For example;

I create a contour finish pass using my library preset for finishing

When cutting I decide that I need to reduce feed so I make this change in the contour operation

How can I save this new feed to a library preset WITHOUT manually editing the tool?


Thank you

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in reply to: cahustonFPZWB

If you've adjusted the feed/speed at the toolpath level, you will notice that your Preset changes to "Custom". This doesn't generate a preset, so that speed and feed is localized to that toolpath and there's no method of easily extracting that information.

However, if you adjust the preset in the document tool, you CAN copy and paste presets, but this would require navigating to the appropriate library and tool and pasting them in.


We recognize that this is far from ideal and we have some ideas on how to improve this workflow, but it will be some time before we have anything further to share in this area.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Seth, thanks for the response. I'm glad to hear your team is aware of how cumbersome the cutting parameter management is in Fusion. I look forward to seeing improvements 

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